Start an investment newsletter


Financial newsletters are awesome ways to provide value.  Investors, analysts and financial journalists all subscribe to these stock newsletters to stay on top of their research.  There are numerous letters in the market — getting one up and running is just the beginning.  Next, you need to find a way to market and distribute your newsletter on your way to building a highly-profitable newsletter business.

Below is the How to Start an Investment Newsletter, a step-by-step guide that takes you through everything you need to know in terms of building your own investment newsletter business.

  1. 5 reasons to start an investment newsletter: why make the plunge and start a great businesses
  2. How much money can you make: investment newsletters can be very lucrative, low overhead, businesses
  3. Picking a theme: deciding what to write about
  4. Begin blogging: start writing and building a following
  5. Choosing between free and premium content: start giving away free content to create fans
  6. The case for giving away a lot of free content: with your newsletter, you’ve got to give to get
  7. Market like master Tim Sykes: build your brand, explain the value proposition really well, and just sell, sell, sell
  8. Including a monthly portfolio: this post discusses the pros and cons of focusing on performance versus generating ideas
  9. Choosing a payment platform: There are many to choose from.  I chose Google Checkout.  Read to find out why.
  10. Check out our page of all the newsletter resources you’ll need to get your newsletter off the ground and making some dough