Tips for Digital Nomads

cafe_laptopThese posts I’ve written as part of my work for the Insight Community, a sister company of A-list blog, TechDirt.  We’ve published the first crowdsourced whitepaper for Dell Computer and are currently working on some other interesting projects.

Tackling 3 Key Issues in Balancing Work and Life

More and more workers are making the decision to leave the office, untether themselves from the historical grind, and become digital nomads.  Leaving the grind of the dismal 9 to 5 opens up lots of possibilities but also requires a fresh look at balancing where work ends and life begins.

The Digital Nomad’s Lot: Getting through the Data Smog

Web workers are inundated with emails, phone calls, SMS, Twits and social media messaging.  This article gives real-world tips in helping individuals and teams to organize around waves of communications to quiet the noise, become more productive, and communicate better.

ROI of the Digital Nomad

Workers untethered from their desks ultimately become more productive.  The underbelly of this movement to better blend work and life is that companies require something in return for allowing their employees to set their own rules.  Learn how employers and employees stand to benefit from setting their workers free.

Black Swan Planning for Small Business Owners

The current financial meltdown has put stress on everyone, especially the small business owner.  Here is a to-do list for small business owners to sufficiently prepare to an extended downturn in the economy.  Don’t get burned.  Prepare now.

Sales 2.0: How to be more productive and work less at selling

If you’re still cold-calling bum leads, you’re not up to date with the amazing potential Sales 2.0 technologies and communities afford marketers and sellers.  Learn how to spend less on marketing with better results.

Pushing the envelope of completely losing yourself to work

Being a free-agent and defining your work-life balance according to your definition — not others’– is a double-edged sword.  With new-found independence from the office comes transcendence, but it also means that it blurs the life between work and play.

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